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asato mā sadgamaya,

tamaso mā jyotirgamaya,

mṛtyormā'mṛtaṃ gamaya.

Monday Evening Group Mentoring

This mentorship is for teachers and practitioners that already have a basic understanding of yoga and want to transform their personal practice and/or teaching. For as long as I has been on this path of yoga, I have sought out mentors and teachers to help me develop my skills, understanding, and ultimately help me to discover who I am. Just as the tradition of yoga has been expressed, in mentorship, I will pass down insight and knowledge from teacher to student, honoring the ancient lineage of yoga.

I remember as a new yoga teacher, teaching felt more like of a performance than it was an embodied practice with asana as the star. As you might imagine or know in yourself, this way of teaching is very exhausting and overtime leads to burnout. As a practitioner of yoga I found that I understood the affects that asana continued to have on my body,  my mind and emotions but didn't know how to deepen my practice and even more important, I didn't know how to deepen my understanding of what was influencing and healing parts of me  while in asana.  Having mentors, gave me the ability to weave the yogic philosophy and way of being into my everyday life...this definitely transformed me. I would say that it opened my eyes to my sense of worth, leadership and deep responsibility, which ultimately translated to sensing my inner teacher and authentic voice.

What you can Expect from our Time Together
  • Each month we will be devoted to a topic of yoga psychology and philosophy having weekly talks, practices and Q&A, to bring to life these teachings in you.

  • Weekly mentor sessions will corollate with the following weeks Sunday Sadhana to give you further opportunities to practice and apply to your classes or personal practice.

  • Teachers and students will be supported and surrounded by a loving community in a small group of no more than 8 people.

  • You will have access to a private Facebook group connecting you to your peers in the mentor group.

  • You will receive emails and handout that embellish the teaching and outline our practice and learnings through a private online learning portal.

  • You will have access to me via email and texting for any questions that arise. 

  • You will have access to all weekly recording and if you are unable to attend your will receive the handouts and resources via email as well.

       PRICE $40.00 a month

My Yoga Background

For those of you who may not know my yoga journey, I will share with you. Yoga asana has been in my life since I was in my early 20's. However, it wasn't until my 30's, that I was ready to see beyond the fitness of it... to be honest I felt something change somatically but I had no understanding of the reason, AND thankfully I was ready to explore whatever it was further.  Fortunately my teachers during this time weren't available or interested in teaching through the foundations of yoga beyond two of the eight limbs which meant my explorations turned to self help practices, while still practicing asana. I say fortunately because I needed that time to slowly approach and eventually walk into the entrance of my inner cave which had many obstacles, all of which ultimately would have stopped me from learning the deeper context of yoga. 


Years later I became a mother and after the birth of my son, I found myself in a total upheaval - I had no idea who I was, who I was supposed to be and whether or not I wanted any of it. So, out of desperation to lessen the suffering of this huge life transition, I found myself seeking yoga. I stumbled on a local studio and this is where I have stayed ever since. This studio was where teachers where sharing parts of the deeper breath of yoga and I absolutely fell in love with it, soaking in everything I could.  I found myself craving the teacher, student connection and from it through yoga, my motherhood took form through love and compassion toward myself and my son and each time there was light and illumination, I knew I could lean into the darkness without abandoning myself.


Fast forward a few years, I decided  I wanted to take my first teacher training. At that time, I was most interested in continuing  to cultivate a deeper understanding of myself through yoga and thought I would never teach...boy was I wrong! I have since expanding my education where I completed my first 500/h training from that same studio and when the pandemic hit, I felt called to further my studies by enrolling in a yoga psychology and trauma informed 500/hour training from a woman I met and was immensely inspired by while working at the NW Yoga Conference in 2019. While I worked on completing this 500/h program, I was accepted into and graduated from her Yoga Therapy 800/h program.

I can honestly say that from the connection, support and lessons imparted from every teacher and every mentor on this yoga journey, I have unveiled parts of myself that I never knew where blocking me from my heart. I have been inspired, transformed and developed a beautiful and passionate relationship with yoga that keeps me changing and evolving all of the time. I give my heart and gratitude to my teachers and mentors along the way (seen and unseen). I can not wait to share these teachings and wisdoms with you



Let's connect.

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